Play FairPlay Fair and you’ll be glad you did!

I recommend that home sellers do several things to play fair.

First, disclose everything you possibly can about your home. This would include defects that you know exist, and even ones that you merely suspect exist.

Next, consider having a pre-listing inspection performed by a member of NACHI, The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and give every prospective buyer a copy of the report.

Third, encourage and allow prospects to perform their own inspections. Having taken steps that alert your prospects to the negatives, frees you up to emphasize the positives. This is playing fair.

Lastly, use a real estate professional to keep everything straight. That would be me, this is what I do.

Many a buyer will make a full price offer after a being shown the right home by a licensed real estate professional. Both seller and buyer are winners when good salesmanship is combined with honesty.

You are entitled to all you can net out of the sale of your home. This is true. But some people say there is a fine line between salesmanship and deception. I don’t agree with that. For example, if you paint a room to improve the appearance that’s good salesmanship. However, painting a room to hide or conceal leaks on the ceiling is obvious deception. The difference is clear..