About Surveyors

If you want your property corners to be marked you do not want the property to be surveyed, as such. You merely want to have your corners marked. There is a huge difference to a surveyor. If you want to have your corners marked that’s what you wish to order. The price and cost differences between corner markings and surveying are significant.

Surveyors One-time we questioned a surveyor because one of the corners was not marked as requested. And he walked us all over the side of a mountain so he can demonstrate what he did and why he did it. I have to admit it was quite interesting, but deep down I think he was trying to punish us for questioning him.

I was walking in my sandals and I was certainly not prepared to climb the side of a mountain on the Pacific coast. Nonetheless, I climbed up to the top and saw all the marks in corners and posts since signs and twisted branches that were mentioned in the original survey of a property. Finally the surveyor explained that the white PVC posts that you see everywhere on the coast marking corners on property don’t really mean anything.

They are not, and do not represent the surveyors corner markings. They do represent an approximate location that may possibly be somewhat related to an original survey marker.


The interesting thing about surveyors is that they have an opportunity to walk all over this country in places where no one else would ever dream of walking.

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